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I'm Caralie...

My name is Caralie Cash.  Most of my friends and family call me Cara, but I am comfy with either.

I am a mother to 5 brilliant children who teach me all the good stuff.

I was born and raised in Utah and have never migrated too far. Because of that, I crave meeting new people, diversity and ideas that make my thinking stretch.  

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your perfect blueprint

What is Footzoning?

Footzoning is a method for balancing and healing the body through a complex signal system that exists in the feet. At the moment an individual being is created, a perfect blueprint of that individual is mapped out. This Blueprint is...

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Learn the Best from the Best

Achieve Master Level in Footzoning Technique

This UFZA approved certification program was designed to help teach you how to discover the imbalances, core issues and struggles in our lives.

Discover Secrets to undo ANY illness or disease

Footzoning has the ability to unblock energy which allows DNA to recognize and return to its perfect blueprint

100+ Hours of in-person Instruction

Hands on learning and support to take you to Master level in Footzoning

Much More!

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The power of FOOTZoning


Jan Whitaker, 67
Business owner and mother of 5

“I have been going to see Cara for over 2 ½ years now. She has been able to help me resolve one issue after another; her gift is amazing. Cara’s knowledge of the human body is incredible. She has been spot on with issues that have baffled my medical doctors for years. If you need healing, peach of mind or just a gentle touch and some kind words to keep you going, footzoning is where you will find all this and more.”

Greg Schultz, 55

“Cara is one of the most intuitive healers I know. She is very skilled at reading the signals my body is transmitting through my feet. She consistently discerns my physical and emotional situations that are currently part of my personal experience. It has helped me acknowledge what I need to do and to move forward in my life.”

Erica B.

“Four years ago, I embarked on a journey of healing and learning as I became one of Caralie’s foot zoning students. She opened my eyes and heart to so much more than footzoning and continues to encourage me as I go on learning and growing. One of the things I love most about Caralie is how even in a group setting she is able to cater her teaching to each individual. She craves success, healing and happiness to each person she works with. It’s remarkable to see that kind of genuine caring in a person and effects it can have on others!”