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“Cara is exceptionally intuitive and gifted. She was able to help my daughter get to the root cause of her digestive illness and assist with natural healing. I was so amazed by the power of footzoning, I enrolled in her classes to learn this skill for myself. It has been an extremely empowering tool to help keep me and my family healthy. Worth the investment. Thank you Cara!”
Shaylnn T.
“ I have been seeing Cara for years now for footzoning. She is the first one I turn to when I just feel “off”. I always know that I will leave a session feeling better after being zoned. She is so in tune with my energy and very knowledgeable of mind, body and spirit. I recommend her to everyone and am so grateful I found her when I did. She truly helps me survive in so many ways.”
Amber T.
“From the first day I met Cara I knew she had a gift.  That was 14 years ago. I went in search of a healthier way to take care of me and my family. No quick fix prescriptions or surgeries. My kids and I have been going to Cara monthly since then. They very rarely get sick! She is such a kind and loving soul that really cares about people. I didn’t just get a new healthcare professional but a wonderful friend who takes care of my family. I’m so grateful she is part of our lives.”
Kimberly W.
“ My son kept getting high fevers randomly and I couldn’t figure it out. He missed a lot of school because of this. I took him to Cara and we used her knowledge and zoning to figure it out and he hasn’t had any more fevers since. We absolutely love Cara.”
Brandi H.
“I just wanted to let you know that zoning is absolutely amazing! After my appointment on Friday and you working on my optic nerve, especially my left eye, the cloudy blur that I’ve had in the middle of my eye for well over a year and a half is gone.  I have more vision in that eye than I’ve had in a very long time.  So, I am thankful for you and your help.  I plan to continue to work on the things you told me to every night.  The spark of hope that you gave me after our last visit is something I can never thank you enough for.  You have blessed me and my family so much over the years, so thank you!”
Shelia W.
“I had the worst migraine that lasted for 4 days. My neighbor told me about Cara and the footzoning technique. I was desperate to try it.  Headaches are something that have plagued me for most of my life. The session with her wasn’t even over yet and my headache had already disappeared. She helped me to identify what the probable cause of my headaches are and I have found much relief.”
Emily H.